WOW Speed Test for Broadband Internet

This is the WOW Speed TestĀ for broadband internet users. Find your Internet speed result by using our web application for WOW(Wide Open West) customers in the United States.

WOW Speed Test

Click on the following button below to initiate the WOW speed test for broadband connection.

How does the Speed test web application Work?

The application used is sourced from Ookla, the most popular web software for checking internet speed. The software will start by first identifying the user connection and location.

For best results, the application will automatically select the nearby location.

The test will take a few seconds to finish with the download and upload speed results. We recommend you run the WOW speed test from the device connected directly to the router or modem.

This will ensure that there is no third-party software or hardware interference in the internet connection speed.

At the end of the speed test, the results will show the Ping, Download, and Upload results.

Why do you need to check Internet speed via the WOW Speed Test Web Application?

In order to know that you are getting the promised download and upload speed, it is recommended to check your Internet pace via the WOW Speed test every month. It is totally free and will let you know your download and upload speed within seconds.

WOW Average Internet Download and Upload Speed Test Results

The table below shows the average download and upload speed of WOW Internet according to some of the States. You can also use the list below to analyze where your state stands in terms of internet speed.

Alabama 34.92 Mbps16.37Mbps
Alaska 59.01 Mbps 33.68 Mbps
Arizona47.06 Mbps 21.01 Mbps
Arkansas 36.09 Mbps17.06 Mbps
California 47.81 Mbps 22.68 Mbps
Colorado 50.73 Mbps27.36 Mbps
Connecticut 52.92 Mbps 29.64 Mbps
Delaware 55.14 55.14 Mbps 31.72 Mbps
Florida 52.92 Mbps29.64 Mbps

Please note that these are not official figures and note them down from various web sources. The actual download and upload internet speed may vary in response to updated packages and technology.

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How to Improve the WOW Speed Test Result?

Ensure that your modem or router is directly connected to the computer. If any of these devices are using a Powerline Adapter, we suggest first removing it and using another Ethernet cable connection.

In the case of Wifi, keep your phone, tablet, or laptop close to the router when starting the test.

In addition to that, keep in mind that there are background programs that are using the internet speed silently, disabling them will also give you better WOW speed test results.

What are the best alternatives available to WOW Internet Connection?

AT&T, Comcast XFINITY, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon are the main competitors and the best alternatives to WOW! in broadband Internet services. You can check their packages and prices to compare them with WOW! for a better understanding.

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