Is WOW Whole Home WiFi Worth it?

Do you ever hear of WOW whole-home Wifi?

Of course, you have!

That’s why you are here to check What we think of Wow whole-home Wifi? Is it honestly worth it or not?

WOW Home WIFI Features

WOW home WIFI with smart controls ensures signal extensions, enhances security and constant speed by providing the user with advanced control.

The hardware package can support hundreds of devices, including mobile devices, laptops, TVs, tablets, gaming devices, security systems, smart assistants, etc.

How it Works?

The WOW home WIFI works by creating a home network by providing a reliable internet connection at every corner of your home. Both your router and range extenders are replaced by the smart WOW device.

WOW Internet + Whole Home Wifi Packages

Following are the WOW internet packages along with the Whole Home Wifi Offer:

FAST (INTERNET 100)$29.99 + WHOLE-HOME WIFI $9.99 per month
FAST (INTERNET 200)$34.99 + WHOLE-HOME WIFI $9.99 per month
FASTER (INTERNET 500)$44.99 + WHOLE-HOME WIFI $9.99 per month

Although, WOW promises amazing internet speed under your assigned package. But for any reason, if you are not getting the actual internet speed, then you can complain via their helpline number. Use the WOW speed test web application to check your internet speed.

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