Rise Broadband Speed Test for Home & Business

Rise Broadband, which was once known as Internet America, offers broadband internet services in the country.

Here we will check the Rise broadband internet speed via Ookla speed test software.

Rise Broadband Speed Test

Speed Test Result

The result will show the Rise in broadband download speed and upload speed. In addition to that Rise internet speed test also checks the latency of your internet connection.

Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from one point to another.

This means that there are additional milliseconds of latency when you are testing Rise Broadband internet speeds from a remote location.

We recommend you test your speed twice for accurate results. This is to minimize the effects of factors that are direct to the internet.

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What is the Average Rise in Broadband Internet speed in the USA?

Rise Broadband internet has an average speed of 30.22 Mbps download and 20.26 Mbps upload speeds based on Ookla’s test results for broadband speed in the USA.

Rise Broadband offers some plans that are very low cost, but there is often a catch with these lower prices, such as data caps or slower speeds than other internet providers.

Factors that Effect the Rise Internet Speed Test

There are a number of factors that can affect Ookla’s speed test result while testing Rise Broadband internet speeds.

The first is the time of day in which you perform this test, as well as your location in the United States.

Furthermore, the type of device, browser, and router location also plays a vital role.

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