How to Locate Verizon Transfer Pin?

You may be considering moving to another carrier, but don’t want to lose your current phone number. In order for you to transfer your current phone number from Verizon to another carrier, it is necessary to locate the Verizon Transfer Pin. This pin is required in order to port your number to a new carrier.

Method to Located Verizon Transfer Pin

Customers who are looking to leave Verizon for another carrier may be wondering how to go about doing so. One important step in the process is to locate or request your Verizon transfer pin. There are two methods to do that; by code or online.

To request a Number Transfer PIN, you need to be the Account Owner or Account Manager of an account.

By Code

To request a Verizon Number transfer PIN by code, just Dial #PORT from your phone.

If you have the My Verizon app, you are directed to the Number Transfer PIN screen in the app. If not, you will be directed to the screen on your mobile browser.


You can request a Number Transfer PIN by going to the Number Transfer PIN page and clicking or tapping Generate PIN. The user will need to sign in to get access.

Note: Never share your Verizon Transfer Pin with anyone.

Important Information

The Number Transfer PIN is the only thing needed in order to transfer from a Verizon number to another carrier. This PIN will work for any Verizon line being transferred for up to 7 days, so it’s important that it’s with the new carrier.

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