What is the Best Verizon Fios TV Package?

Fios, a digital TV, offers the best TV packages in the USA. It offers personalized and flexible TV deals according to the users’ preferences.

From a plethora of channels, users can add kids, sports, movies, and many others of different genera in a package. It is the users’ choice either to customize a cable TV package or to choose from the recommended Fios TV packages.

Presently, Fios is offering five bundles. It must be noted that these plans have no hidden network and broadcast charges.

 Let’s discuss and compare each package in terms of features and price.

Fios TV PackagesFeaturesPrice
Fios TV Test DriveExplore Channels: 425 plus TV channels for 60 days  and choose the best channels$50 per month with additional taxes
Your Fios TVSearch 125 plus channels and select 5 favorite channels$50/month plus taxes & equipment. fee.
More Fios TV Find 300 plus channels and get your favorite channels.$70/month plus  taxes
The Most Fios TVWatch 425 + channels including movie and sport$90/month plus taxes
YouTube TVStream 85 plus live channels including sports as well as news. get individual 6 accounts per home$64.99 per month with additional taxes
  • Fios TV Test Drive

Fios TV Test Drive is a budget-friendly TV package. In this TV package, users can explore 425 plus TV channels for 60 days and choose the best channels.

Taking the test drive, users watch more than 425 TV channels for 60 days. During this period, FiOS recommends the most suitable package based on the users’ viewership.

  • Your Fios TV

Like Fios TV Test Drive, Your Fios TV package is also a low-priced TV package. This plan gives users the flexibility to choose five favorite channels while searching for more than 125 channels.

  • More Fios TV

More Fios TV allows users to find 300 plus channels and get their favorite channels. Its price is $70/month plus taxes.

  • The Most Fios TV

If users want to explore more channels, The Most Fios TV is the best.

Users can search 425 channels including movies and sports. Because of its attractive features, its price is $90/month plus taxes.

  • YouTube TV

YouTube TV package is for those who love to stream live.

Under this package, users can stream 85 plus live channels. Channels can be of sports as well as news. It gives you six individual accounts. Its cost is $64.99 per month with additional taxes.

 Overall, by giving a number of packages, it helps users to choose the Verizon Fios TV Package.

Besides, it has a plethora of TV channels ranging from kids to sports to movies. Users can choose the package and even channels according to their preferences.

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