AT&T Plan for Mexico

AT&T’s Plan for Mexico consists of amazing packages. If you are willing to travel to Mexico, you should not worry about internet connectivity.


AT&T Mexico plans 3 Offers: Roaming in Mexico, AT & T International Day Pass, and Pay-Per-Use Rates.

Roaming in Mexico  Eligible plan  AT & T International Day PassPay-Per-Use Rates
Unlimited talk and text Charges: No Mobile share : 15 GB Messages: Unlimited up to 1 MB in sizeCalls: Unlimited to the US and to 200+ destinations Text: Unlimited Charges: $10/day Wi-Fi : Use package data  Call time Charges: $1 per minute to Canada as well as Mexico Europe: $2 per minute Other areas: $3 per minute Text Charges: $ 0.50 Video and picture Messages: $ 1.30 Data Usage Rates: $2.05/MB  

Among the three mentioned, roaming in Mexico is the most recommended plan for you. It gives you unlimited talk time and text within Mexico and to the US.

It is free and inexpensive. In the AT&T international day pass package, you can use your home package while you are abroad. You only have to pay an extra $10 to get unlimited calls and texts.

However, pay-per-use rates apply either when you do not have an AT & T package or when you travel to a country that does not include in the AT&T package.

For instance, if you are roaming in Mexico without an AT&T plan, the company will charge $1 per minute call time.

Overall, through its wireless broadband networks, AT&T, no doubt, has digitalized the world. It has reshaped the technology through its 5G network.

Furthermore, it is providing the best entertainment experience through its high-speed fiber. If you are roaming in Mexico, choose the AT&T Mexico plan that suits you.

Note: Please visit the official AT&T for any updates regarding the plan.

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